Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coachable Coach!

Sometimes when you're feeling a max.... You've just got to go for it! And today was that day for this Coachable Coach Mr. Bill Beane! He has been taking #olystrength consistently for quite some time now. Bill had always been strong, no question there. You see, a lot of times athletes expect to come into #olystrength and #olywod to get even more strong aka "hella strong" ASAP.  They are usually mistaken when I hand them a PVC and say get to work. YES strength is super important...but setting up the proper foundation and having the understanding of the movements are really more important than anything! 

For Bill our main focus has been getting him to full depth underneath that barbell. That put maxing out  on the back burner for a while and it was never a priority to me as his coach till now. Even though he always wanted to max out the days everyone else did, he set up his area to the side and just worked technique. Over and over and over again. He trusted in me and stayed the path! Like I said he knew he was strong, but having the mobility and technique was that foundation he needed to reach that goal and he believed that. 

Today that goal was not just hit ... It was demolished! And with amazing technique and skill! I am so proud of you Bill Beane! Your hardwork is paying off... The skies the limit Coach! :) 

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