Monday, April 28, 2014

It is TIME!!!

Bench press has been said by many to be one of the best methods for getting strong, developing explosive strength, overcoming plateaus, and building muscle. There has been talks for a while to put a bench press cycle into my Oly classes and after some good solid research... IT IS TIME!!!

I have spent a long time looking for a bench press cycle that I really liked. There are a lot of them out there that are very beneficial, but are either too long or too taxing on the body. Powerlifting is no joke. If you don't have the proper form, technique and aren't used to high high volume training YOU WILL GET HURT. It might not happen while you are benching.... But it will for sure cause issues later down the line. With that being said, I wanted something that calls for higher reps at first so we can together correct and perfect your bench form while getting you stronger, leaner and faster!

Next week my Oly class's will start a bench press cycle paired with unilateral (single limb) strength-based exercises. The majority of the time CrossFitters tend to be bilateral. While nothing can replace a barbell for legit strength, unilateral strength-training exercises can help improve the big lifts by reducing muscular imbalances, asymmetries, and the risk of injury. So basically it's a must if you want to... You guessed it ... GET BETTER:)!

#olySTRENGTH & #olyWOD will both be doing this 8 week combination creation cycle I've mashed together. There will be only one difference. In #olySTRENGTH we will be doing middle range tempo unilateral strength training, where as #olyWOD will be doing light weight, high rep unilateral strength training. Pick your poison... They will both be greatly beneficial.

There will be specific mobility and shoulder rehab exercises everyone will be doing to ensure all of your shoulders are taken good care of. Remember consistency is key here. If you only come once a week to Oly classes you will have the program sheet for bench, you will not have the mobility, rehab warm ups, coaching through form correction, unilateral training WOD's and MOST IMPORTANTLY A SPOTTER. I highly recommend only benching heavier weights (those above 60% and 5 rep range) with a spotter. Any heavier than that without a spotter, you will be at high risk for injury.

I couldn't be more pumped and ready to start this!! I can't wait to see where this 8 week cycle takes all you and your game! 3...2...1.. Let's DO the damn thing!!!

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