Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Challenge Time..But This Time...It's The #CFRR Coaching TEAM!



  1. fashionable, stylish, etc.
  2. very pleasing, excellent, etc
Used in a sentence:
 "Damn, did you see how PHAT the CFRR Coaching Team is?

Tomorrow the #ATEAM's PHAT Coach 30 day challenge begins! I must say I couldn't be more pumped about it. Something about setting goals and challenge myself makes me smile :) and I'm going to be honest, I haven't been consistent with this sort of thing in a while! I didn't know how much I missed it till I wrote my goals on that whiteboard! My FIRE is LIT and I'm ready to rock this $HIT!!! 

All of the #CFRR Coaching Team sat down and set our guidelines and rules for the next 30 days! Check it out! 

We then each set a minimum of 3 short term goals to be accomplished in the next 30 days. Goal setting is AWESOME and can be life changing for many of you out there. I highly recommend taking some time to set your own. Not sure where to start? Here are a few goal tips us Coaches use!

  1. Make sure to only set specific and measurable goals. For example... Just saying "drink more water" is not specific enough. Specify how much. 
  2.  Always set attainable goals that can only affected by you solely. For example, if I set a goal to  "win a CrossFit competition" is that truly attainable? Maybe not. Maybe I can't control who shows up that day. Maybe I can't control if the workouts work to my strengths. Setting a goal to compete in the 2015 CrossFit Open and giving it my all with no regrets is more attainable and something I can truly control. 
  3. Recognize the "How" when goal setting. For example, if my goal is to drink more water,  how will I drink MORE water?  I will drink at least 3-4 CFRR athlete think sport bottles a day. I will keep a tally daily for daily accountability. I know it sounds stupid, but to me, the how is one of the most important components for goal setting and reaching your end goal.
  4. Pick goals that are attainable BUT not easy. Basically if you start to write and then want to erase it .... that's a good goal:). The goals you pick should scare you a little bit! That's where all the fun lies! Accomplishing something you might have thought was impossible! 
  5. Share your goals with others. It will hold you more accountable to reaching those goals. It also allows for celebration of small (but large) victories along the way with those that know how hard you are truly working and know how bad you really want it! 

With that being said... Here are my goals....short term of course specifically for this challenge. I wanted to share them with all of you! To hold myself accountable! Because everyone needs a little accountability! Even us Coaches :) 


I challenge all of you reading this to sit down and simply write down 3 goals to accomplish in 30 days with all of the CFRR Coaches! Share them with us!  I will check back in with all of you when the challenge ends! 

Here's to 30 days of AWESOMENESS!!! 

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