Monday, July 28, 2014

Sacrifice + Extreme Commitment = Success

"It doesn’t matter where an athlete comes from. If they have a dream and a goal and are willing to work for it then they can be successful. It will take some longer than others but there is no ‘prerequisite’ to competing. Becoming a top-level competitor is more about sacrifice and work ethic than it is about God-given talent. The CrossFit Games requires a ton of training and preparation and the pay sucks. Anyone who makes it has extreme commitment and is willing to sacrifice a lot to get there.” Tommy Hackenbruck

These past few weeks getting back into training like an elite athlete again have been fun, exhausting, ego crushing and faith seeking.... Just to name a few. I have had many days of doubt and questioning if "I am good enough" creep back in again. This is only normal I feel when I am so far behind in a sport that requires such time to develop and grow. Thankfully I have had the ability to positively reverse my thoughts through inspiring articles, an awesome team and coach support system and most importantly prayer

Although I am a lot farther behind than I would like, and my body is still throwing me curve balls, I know that I can truly do anything I put my mind to. No matter how far fetched it seems. No matter how many people think I can't do it. No matter how bad the rest of the #crossfit world is training for the same exact thing wants it.

 I will succeed. I will achieve.... Because I believe.

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  1. This was helpful Adrien. Inspiring and convicting. Thank you for your candor and putting it out there.