Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good is Better and Better isn't Enough. #FAIL

I have always lived my life with the constant worry of not getting better. In every aspect of my life (as you can see above) I am always searching and longing for the next best thing I can be BETTER at. Because for some reason my GOOD just doesn't seem to be enough. 

I mean who wants to be good when you can be better... RIGHT? Not always the case. Time to make a change. Stop comparing. Stop worrying. Stop over pleasing. 

I am GOOD at muscle ups. 
I am BETTER at muscle ups. 

All how you view it. Good is good with me. 

In 2015 my GOOD will be GOOD enough. In every aspect of my life. 
Because my GOOD is indeed GOOD enough. And I truly believe that. 

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