Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TRUTH Bomb... You ARE Ready.

If your reading this and haven’t made the leap to a happier, healthier you, take a second to ask yourself WHY. Are you scared, embarrassed, worried you aren't “fit” enough? Afraid everyone will judge you or that you aren't up to par? Truth bomb.... everyone has one if not all of those worries when they start !!! I could write a book just on peoples excuses. Guess what.... we all have them and they will ALWAYS BE THERE! They will constantly challenge you to being the bigger and better version of you. Throw all the scares and concerns out of the window. I challenge you....for every excuse you have instead attach a goal to it. 

Find a CrossFit gym that you can call home. Do your research! Find a gym that has been around for a while and above all else trust your gut! You should feel an instant welcoming feeling from EVERY SINGLE COACH right when you walk in the door. PERIOD. It’s time to make the change….it’s time to live YOUR life and YOU deserve it! 

 Need help knowing if the gym you are looking at is a good pick? Check out the link below and feel free to email me for a box referral if you are not in the Round Rock area! 

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