Thursday, May 28, 2015

Who SHOULDN'T do CrossFit ... and WHY.#truthbomb

I am going to apologize in advance if I offend anyone with this post. I have restrained myself long enough and I can't handle it anymore. If you can feel me yelling while writing this..then I wrote it well :)  I feel as if it's my duty being an "OG CrossFitter" to make sure the #crossfit name is held high and strong. This $HIT changed my life and has changed the lives of so many, but it's also NO JOKE and SERIOUS $HIT at an elite level. When WRONG people with the WRONG expectations sign up for it, you can pretty much expect a recipe for disaster for a Box, a Coach and the new Athlete. These people CAN and WILL destroy the amazingness that is CrossFit. And it has to be talked about. 

I'm going to make this post really simple as I could talk about it for hours. The truth is CrossFit is definitely not for everybody. And before I go any further, I want to clarify who I'm actually referencing to. I am NOT referencing somebody who has had hip replacement surgery. I am NOT referencing a 52 year old female that has never lifted a loaded barbell in her life NOR am I referencing somebody who is morbidly obese. Have one less limb? Still NOT the person I am referencing. 

None of the above determines (in my opinion of course) whether or not CrossFit is for you. NOT EVEN CLOSE. 

So that being said, who exactly shouldn't do CrossFit?
(Again, this is just my opinion, sorry if anyone is offended, but its the truth as I see it. )

- Someone who thinks they know it all and is not willing to work to change bad habits aka WON'T and DON'T think they NEED to USE a PVC PIPE or no weight even for that matter. This annoys me more than anything in the world. I seriously can't even handle it. If you can't move your damn body right, WHY the hell do you think you can move 95#'s? Our bodies are compensation machines. If you don't learn the proper mechanics THIS SHIT WILL F@CK you up!! Yeah that's right I said it!! You don't see someone learning how to snowboard and the first week they jump on a black and just "ride that baby down". Yeah, no way... they WOULD DIE!! For REALZZZZZ. 

- Someone who is looking to swing on the, jerk or snatch a $HIT ton of weight overhead within the first 6- 12 months of joining. If you are lifting RX weight or doing kipping pull ups when you can't do ONE STRICT and just started CrossFit, I would take a second to look at your current Box or current Coach. This SHOULD NOT be happening. Did this use to happen at CFRR? YES! I will admit it, now it is STRICTLY enforced with ALL my Coaches and I TAKE it very seriously. NOW ... Is there that special freak of nature that is the 99.99999% of the world. YES, I won't go any further on this subject. 

*****SIDE NOTE- CrossFit Coaches across the world need to stop being Cheerleaders and letting people do whatever the hell they want. It is YOUR JOB to protect the longevity of these people. Teach them the mechanics and be prepared to ask them to leave if they don't want to. When someone gets hurt CrossFit and YOU are blamed in the end. Period DOT DONE!!!!!  This is YOUR job. Hold yourself to that STANDARD. Hold your BOX to that standard. CrossFit and the community surrounding it does. 

- Someone who can't REALLY leave their EGO at the door. Be real here. CAN YOU? If you can't then don't even waste your money coming to my box. We are too busy changing the lives of people who are willing and open to letting us. At CFRR we pour OUR HEART AND SOUL into our community. It is our life .. AND WE LOVE IT! We don't need that negative poison invading our space! Just want to look cool and do what's cool. Not the right person. Not even a little. #sorryimnotsorry

- Someone FULL of EXCUSES.  It blows my mind the amount of excuses someone can have stored in their "pocket" at all times. "I can't do _____ cause of _____" This will GET you no where and is one of the most negative and ANNOYING things a Coach can deal with. You might as well just punch us in the face 10 times as fast as possible, Rocky style, in front of the whole class. It's equally just as terrible and as embarrassing as that. This will always bring down the entire moral of the class and makes for a constant wall between the Athlete and the Coach. 

- Someone who IS NOT willing to determine and work on their weaknesses. Ya so if this is you, well CrossFit just isn't for you. ESPECIALLY not my gym. CrossFit will NOT ONLY point out EVERY weakness you have, it WILL FORCE you to WORK on them. Period. How you sit, how you stand, how you eat, how you interact with a group....EVERYTHING. "This place will change you, if you let it" 

- Someone who constantly compares themselves to others. This is a hard one for me, as it took me a long time to stop doing this in every aspect of CrossFit, including the business end of things. There was a time when I didn't know  if I would choose to CrossFit again, because I hated it. I hated how it made me feel because I never felt as if I was good enough. So guess who I blamed? CrossFit.....And guess what I did daily? COMPARED myself to others. CONSTANTLY. If you are someone who does this or is currently doing this and CrossFitting, I can't stress enough how important it is to be thankful for your STRENGTHS and STOP beating yourself up for your weaknesses. We all have them. The more you compare THE MORE you will drive yourself mentally away from THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVERY HAPPENED TO YOU! The thing that CHANGED YOUR LIFE. You will drive yourself away from CrossFit. And you will regret it. It's the truth. 

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