Thursday, July 16, 2015

GOT Sway Back? Instant Tummy Tuck - Money and Diet Not Required

The human body is an absolutely amazing compensation machine. Even in a terrible position, it makes us able to generate huge amounts of force without immediate repercussions. But no matter who you are, no matter how much tissue work or mobility you do, if you don't grasp the importance of this you will pay the price eventually. Everyone does. I know it’s hard to hear, and you may not believe me now, and that's fine. I realize how annoying it is to want to get a workout in and here we are as coaches trying to teach you something that makes you feel as if there is no benefit. THINK AGAIN! If you aren't willing to do it for those crazy scary reasons, maybe you will do it to look 7 pounds lighter. Maybe you'll do it when you realize how many muscles you aren't using, which in turn means you’re not putting on muscle, which in turn means you aren't burning NEAR as many calories as you could be.

HOLD for a second.....

Just to clear the air... this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of proper posture and bracing your spine. I have decided to go another route with this for obvious reasons. We are human. How we look in the mirror obviously plays a large part in why we workout. Do you start to feel good as you start to look better? Hell yeah... but most don't join a gym to just "feel good". This is 2015, let’s be real here! 

Check out the photo on the left showing proper(ish) good posture. Now keep in mind I am still a work in progress here. Not to mention I took this picture in 2.5 seconds and my pants are crooked #awesome. These photos were taken today 20 seconds apart. Straight KRAY! Which way would you want your summer va-kay pics documented???  I vote the pic on the right ANY day of the week on the beach or NOT! Hands down.

Now .... I am going to dive into this a bit. ONE.... because it's my blog and I can. TWO.....I haven't even told you how to fix this yet. So unless you don't care about looking 5-10 pounds lighter with little to no work at all, by all means, close this page and I wish you good luck in the many years of bad posture to come (with love of course) . Moving on... 
Check out the side before and after pics on the left of me – my stomach and butt are pushed out as far as they will go – dead sexy right? I think not.  This posture forces the pelvis to twist forward. You can tell just by trying to draw an imaginary straight line from the front of my paints to the back. Yeah that baby ain't straight. Check out that tilt! #solidgold
Along with making me look about 5-7 pounds heavier full of gluten filled Oreo's and milk, it forces the spine into a curve making it so much weaker and much more prone to injury.
Give this a Try- 
Hold your stomach in and make the belly button go all the way back to your spine, you will have to flex your abs to do this.  At the same time, pivot your hips forward and try to tuck your butt underneath your belly button.  It should feel like your "shrink wrapping" your belly. Ladies imagine you are wearing the tightest white dress ever and you forgot your SPANX! With some practice, this will become more natural.  Have your Coach, friend or spouse give you reminders when you lapse back into your old posture. Now it does take some practice and A LOT of patience to make this good posture a habit, but at least you'll look lighter and leaner when your next summer vacation time hits! 

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