Thursday, July 16, 2015

They call me Coach. I call them Inspiration.

Every Tuesday and Thurdsay morning I am blessed to Coach an irreplaceable, and amazing group of athletes in my early morning #compRX program. These athletes are all different in so many ways, but that's what makes this class so special to me. I can relate to each athlete in some form. They challenge me WEEKLY to be a better Coach and Leader and I am truly grateful for that. They trust me and admire me as their mentor. They call me Coach and they mean it. I am not sure what I would do with out this crew. All I know is that I am thankful beyond measure .... And I've wanted to share this for a while now. Today seemed like the perfect day :-) love you guys:-)! #family

Thank you Fallon for keeping me on my toes and for never letting me give up. For teaching and believing in me, that the Lord has great plans for me. 

Thank you Dee for your 100% undying loyalty and dedication to me and #CFRR. 

Thank you Shelly for believing in my vision. For learning and growing to help so many others. 

Thank you Shane for your focus and detication. For sticking with me since day 1 and never giving up on me. 

Thank you Lisa for your trust and love. For being there for me in more ways than one. For holding me accountable, for being my #aplhafriend :-)

Thank you Diana for your dedication to me and CFRR. For your fire and cheerful nature. For you undying support in me. For believing in me and my vision. For all your hard work and tunnel vision focus. 

Thank you LL for your relentless "no bitching" positive attitude. For trusting and allowing me to guide you in this process. For never giving in and for being a fighter for what you want. 

Thank you Chris for the constant inspiration. Thank you for your open mind and patience with me as your peer. Thank you for believing in me and for showing me that there's more to all of this thing we call Coaching. #lifechangers

Thank you Charlie for your constant belief in me as your Coach. For letting me win here and there :) for truly embrassing all that I throw your way. 

Thank you Trevor for your quiet yet powerful showing of Faith. It has brought new life to me, to the class and to many athletes. Without you even knowing.... 

Thank you Erin for you open arms and open mind. For having such a natural desire to learn and grow. For believing in what #CFRR embodies. 

Thank you Tara for being another little sister I never had. For always being there for me. For believing in me when many didn't. For your love and loyalty. I am truly thankful for you and all you do for me, Landon and CFRR. 

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