Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meet Sam :-)

The best part of my job is watching  athletes at #CFRR achieve goals they never thought possible!!! 

Meet Sam! Sam started #CFRR the end of Feburary of this year and hasn't looked back since. I knew when we met the very first time that she was going to do some amazing things! We set goals right away together and I was more than determined to help her get there! Not only has she become a positive impact in our community, she has lost over 4% body fat and competed in her very first competition on June 20th, The Garage Gym Throwdown. This was our biggest goal thus far and I was so happy to be there competing for my first competition back post surgery with her (pictured above). Such a great moment to share together! 

Sam has trusted in me as her Coach in so many ways and has always remained Coachable in every aspect. She embodies what it means to progress in #crossfit the RIGHT WAY and loves every second of it! 

Yesterday I found out that she had reached a massive milestone and personal goal of her own by being promoted to the General Manager of Office Max in Pflugerville! To say I was proud would be an understatement. So so great to witness the massive smile on her face when she told all of us! So awesome!!

Sam has inspired me to always be consistent with your goals and to appreciate and be patient with the baby steps that it takes to get there. I am very thankful for you Sam and look forward to all the many more milestones you reach and will be there every step of the way! 

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