Thursday, August 13, 2015

CrossFit Coaches - STEP UP> #bethechange

"Physicians are lifeguards. Trainers are swim coaches. When you need a lifeguard, you need a lifeguard, not a swim coach. But, if you need a lifeguard, you probably needed a swim coach and didn’t get one. " Greg Glassman

I want to be the Coach that is giving people the tools to improve their own lives. So that hopefully they will never need that lifeguard to jump in and save them. To me this is what CrossFit is all about. It is not about who's "brand" is bigger than who's. Who box has the better this that or the other. It's not about which gym went to the games. When you pay to go to a good CrossFit gym, one that embraces the CrossFit Community as a whole, you can tell the difference. And its never about the equipment nor the level of athleticism. Its about the Coaches, the people, and the community. 

BOX OWNERS never let anyone change that!!! Don't compare your box and your Coaching. JUST BE OPEN to learn and GROW. Stay your ground and fight for what you believe in. It is disappointing to even have to say that, but its just where it has gone. 

I have and will always do everything in my power to keep the CrossFit name held high. Not because I have to, but because I want to. You see... to me its on its own level. Top of the pedestal. Top of the food chain. I say this not because I am a part of "the colt" or  want to "be cool and hardcore". Not EVEN close. It's because I believe in the passion and soul that stands behind it. I believe that the right people with the same passion will keep the CrossFit name standing strong. Together we will all continue to slowly but aggressivly change the world like we were sought out to do.....One athlete at a time. 

CrossFit Coaches and Owners all over the world.... pass it on... 
Be HUMBLY AWARE of your weaknesses. Lead from the front first. Learn something new EVERYDAY and NEVER take this amazing blessing of changing lives for granted. #BETHECHANGE

If you are a Coach or Owner looking for guidance of any kind, please feel free to reach out to me, someone.... anyone. The true believers, #OGCrossFitters will help without the blink of an eye and will find excitement in doing so! All you have to do is ask for help.... its that simple. #doit

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