Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saddle Up.

I don't repost often from other blogs... But this hit me hard. 

2.5 years of mistakes. 
2.5 years of growing.
 3 years of change. 
3 years of lessons. 
5.5 years of greatness in the making. 
Lots of convincing. So many tears. Mistakes have been made. 
Humble I remain. 
My guard is down. 
Ego no longer.
 I am here to set the record straight. 
I am here ... To.. #bethechange 

Saddle Up #affiliates. 
Saddle Up #coaches. 

The change is near. 
Lead. Or Be Lead. 

The Professional Revolution 
via theaffiliatesolution.com


"Scenario: The year is 2018. From humble beginnings, Crossfit has grown to an alliance of 20,000 professional, successful Affiliates. CrossFit is universally recognized as a safe, effective methodology, suitable for all ages and abilities. Affiliate owners enjoy the spoils of any successful business: financial freedom, family time, and regular vacations.

There is an absence of torn hands photos, Rhabdo is a forgotten myth, and using the term “Pre-bok” earns you a kick in the throat.


Cause: Somewhere around early 2015, Affiliate owners had a shared reckoning on the potential of their business to positively affect their member’s lives AND make them (& their coaches) a comfortable living. This coincided with the realization that there was no one “Right Way” to run an Affiliate; that each Affiliate required it’s own approach, as determined by universal best practices and innovative trial and error.
With this, Affiliate owners spent their time intelligently developing their businesses to provide the highest quality experience, whilst also providing the owner/s with the lifestyles they deserve.

The masses celebrate in the streets.


Probability: High

It takes certain type of person to open a CrossFit Affiliate: a focused, motivated, hard working indivual. This is not the kind of person likely to accept the toxic falsity that you’ll never make money or experience freedom of time owning an Affiliate. They understand the potential of their business and will work relentlessly to achieve it. They block out the haters, doubters, trolls, and unsuccessful who would have them believe otherwise.
It is because of these uniquely driven individuals."

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