Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So you say you want a Coach?

The next best thing in your eyes isn't always what you need and what's best for that body of yours. Stop searching for the wrong solution. Instead search for what's right for your body and health long term. Search for consistency and proper ways to learn and grow. Not for the workout that makes you feel like you've been destroyed and over trained. "Go hard or Go Home" isn't cool anymore. Ain't nobody got time for pain and injury. Life is too precious to sit back and miss out because of 10 more pounds on a back squat when you can't even do a body weight squat properly. You need a Coach that will lay it down and tell you how it is. That will take the time you and your body deserves to heal and preserve. 

Find a knowledgeable Coach ... Not a cheerleader. Find a mentor... Not a drill sargent. Find a Coach who cares MORE about your body moving well and how you treat it than you do. Find a Coach who challenges you to learn how eat better and and relax more. Find a Coach who believes in you truly becoming PAIN FREE and HEALTHY in all aspects of your life. 

Destruction and improper form does not create long term health and wellness. Knees were NOT made to sink in. Low Backs were not created to handle all the load. Necks were not designed to do all the work and perfecting an air squat is indeed your foundation. 

Move better first. Eat to thrive 80% of the time. The results will follow. The proof is in the pudding. 

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