Friday, January 30, 2015

Something called.... "The Fittest Games"

In March of 2009, almost 6 years ago I watched my husband Landon do his first competition. It was a local competition that he had heard about from a friend. Something called "The Fittest Games". Seemed pretty cool, so he signed up. I had just done my first figure competition. So now it was time to support my man. Little did I know, him signing up for "The Fittest Games" was more than just a competition for him to do, it would change our lives forever.

He didn't attend a box and butterfly pull ups were something new for him, so new he opt'd out of doing them in the competition. Preparation for this local competition was WODing (as he called it) at a track or at 24 hour Fitness when it was the appropriate time and didn't "distract" anyone. The word "CrossFit" was well just a word no one had even heard of. He didn't care, it gave him a chance to compete again. To push for a goal and go outside of his comfort zone. It gave him a new light. 

I barely did CrossFit and still called my workouts ....well workouts. I found it weird and well annoying he kept calling my workouts "WODs".  I was a personal trainer at 24 hour off 38th street in Austin. I dreaded leg days and morning cardio at 4:30 alone on a step mill. I had a severe eating disorder and no one knew. I hated myself. 

I remember it as clear as day. That day in March, when Landon was competing. It's so crazy to even think about now. I remember what I was wearing. What I was eating. Everything, That day is the day when I truly feel in love with CrossFit.  The Fittest Games is more than just a competition for me. It changed my life. It showed me community. It inspired me to be better versions of myself in SO MANY ways. I inspired me to be better and that I was worth it. 

Back then we didn't work together or even really workout together.  Now are blessed to do both AND compete together on a Team at The Fittest Games this weekend 6 years later. The best part is we will be representing the gym we own and have grown through blood sweet and tears together over the last 5 years. It is a very special moment in our life and until I started writing this blog, I honestly didn't even realize how special it really was. It really is crazy to think, how different things would be if Landon wouldn't have signed up for some local competition no one had ever heard of in March of 2009 called "The Fittest Games". 

2 Corinthians 5:7 
For we walk by faith, not by sight.


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