Thursday, February 12, 2015

Meet Charles!

Charles has been attending my Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 AM class for a little over 3 months now. After attending Elements he was more than eager to get into class and start training! I knew there was something special about Charles right when I met him. He had a fire about him, just waiting to be re lit!

His first week in my class you could already tell he was going to be the athlete every Coach wants. He was coach-able and trusting of my plan and vision for him immediately as his Coach. He was ready for a change at the ripe age of 56 and I was ready to help him make that change! The key to CrossFit is patience with consistency, and for many, that is probably the hardest thing to do when you start. You want to do all the "crazy - fun stuff" right away, but well, that's just now how it works! Now I am not saying it's not fun...he has me for a Coach by all means ;) and plus CrossFit can still be fun while you are developing proper movement patterning and mobility.

I actually find that the lighter weight I train with, the faster I move and the more I feel the burn! SO if you think for a second he isn't covered in sweat once we are done each class.. THINK AGAIN!! He works his butt off!! The last 3 months have been a patient steady process in developing his foundation for CrossFit and to be honest, we are just getting started. We are now lifting heavier weights and trying things he's never even done before. A few weeks ago he did his very first cartwheel.....EVER! Super inspiring if you ask me! 

He has been putting in some serious work both inside and outside the gym and it truly shows! As a Coach, seeing your athletes excel truly brings a special magic to what you do. It's a gift that is irreplaceable. I would like to thank Charles for giving me that these last few months and for trusting and believing in me as his Coach. I am truly blessed to do what I do each and every day and to be surronded by such amazing athletes like Charles!

Charles, you are such a special guy and I am so grateful to have met you, your son and your beautiful wife! All of you have brought such a special energy to #CFRR! I look forward to watching you grow and excel in the many more months and hopefully years (if you put up with me haha) to come! The sky is the limit and nothing is unreachable for you! 

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