Thursday, June 11, 2015

Excuses Gut Punch.

People spend money and make time for what's most important to them.... PERIOD. No matter how little or how much you of each you have... It will always come down to that. 

As a CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer and Gym Owner I have heard every excuse under the sun. Now don't get me wrong, there are legit times when people can't afford or make time for a trainer and/or membership to a gym. That being said, in the last almost 9 years in this industry, 95% of them are excuses. You might be thinking "how the hell do you know that... You don't know the whole story", well if I am being honest, any good trainer or coach SHOULD. And that's why I can call BS on a lot of those who find money and lack of time to blame for not reaching their best version of themself. I had very very little turnover as a trainer in my past and even now as a Coach at CFRR. 95% of those who blamed money and lack of time where the ones who NEVER put their heath and fitness first. Never wanted to log food and were the no show clinet that left me waiting for an hour for them to show. Coincidence? I think not. Let me show you an excuse and I'll show you why it's just that... AN EXCUSE. #boomshakalaka

1. I don't have enough money and I need the accountability of a gym and/or trainer. I can't afford to eat healthy.  

You see, a lot of people have this illusion that individuals who can afford things like a CrossFit membership, Personal Training healthy grub etc are wealthy. I couldn't agree LESS! Truly wealthy people have a Personal Trainer or Coach travel with them on yaughts all over the world to hold them accountable. When they aren't traveling around in yaughts, back at home, they have a massive gym of their own and hire a full time trainer in which they pay a 6 figure income so they are exclusive to them and them only. THAT's what "rich" people do. Yeah true story. Trust me I've seen it. And no....  I am not talking celebrities here. Average people with massive incomes who put their health and wellness first in a massive way. Us Average not so wealthy aka "poor folk" are a different story. We have to plan. We have to budget. We have to pick and choose what's most important.  For some odd reason, a $149 membership and spending money on grassfed meat seems unfathomable!!!! Not even worth trying to find a way to make it work in fact. They write it OFF.  This blows my mind and is hard for me to understand. 

"American spending at restaurants & bars just overtook grocery purchases for first time ever since 1992." 

Do I really need to touch on this? The trend is a visable legit statistic here. I always challenge people who say they can't afford eating healthy and paying for fitness accountability (aka a GOOD CrossFit gym) by telling them to print out a month of their bank statement and highlight when they eat out. I even offer to help them look it over and figure out a plan. You would be shocked how many people would rather not do this JUST to avoid the coming to Jesus moment when they realize "OH CRAP! I spent $900 at restaurants and bars last Month!" No bueno. Check yo self!!!! 

2. TIME - "I just can't make it in so its just a waste of money. I have so much to do. It's just all too much" 

No time to exercise, train, or plan ahead to eat healthy. Life has LOTS of other priorities; children, family, friends, career, business, television, social media, sleep. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

It's not a priority. Period. I get up at 4:15 in the morning to get my workout in. Do I enjoy my alarm waking me up when the rest of the world sleeps? Hell no. Would I rather be sleeping? You best your A$$ I would!!! But this is what has to be done.  And this is a choice I make so I can ensure it gets done. Period. No excuses. No I don't have kids. Your right. Blaming it on kids is even worse. You either make it happen. Or you don't. #sorryimnotsorry

3. "I am not getting ANY results, I'm not getting better. " 

This one KILLS me!! Every singe time I ask someone "So when was your last body comp?" Or "Let's look at your book, when was your last PR?" They HAVEN'T had a body comp in who knows how long and have written in their books for month. People would rather skip a body fat test or the process to write down goals to ensure they are staying the right path! Avoiding any and all accountability with their Coach. Not writing down workouts. Not caring. Not food preping etc. the list goes ON. Its self sabatoge in the worst form and is something that happens far to often. What really holding you back? You sure it's not YOU? Are you really allowing yourself to achieve what you deserve? 

4. Is it really that important to YOU? 

Not truly understanding and believing  how imporant exercise and eating well are needed for health and longevity to allow yourself to live the best version of you is IMPERATIVE!!! For a lot of people just plain being in know is enough and can do WONDERS! No one can convince you to truly change and to live a healthy life if you don't believe in it!! So what do you do? Take some time to really educate yourself on why you should make it a priority. Everyone is different. Some people don't need a gym at all! They find other ways to hold themselves accountable. Find what motivates you and YOU WILL FLY! It's not hard to find motivation you just have to be ready and willing to dive into it! Can't find it? Then maybe you simply just need to ask someone to help you with it. Asking for help isn't as hard as you may think. Set your pride to the side! Surround yourself with the right people and I promise you, you will have no choice but to reach greatness! 

STOP Making Excuses. START Getting Results. 

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