Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be The Mayor of PR City.

It's one of those days...A PR kind of day.  You feel it in your bones. You see max Back Squat programmed for today's WOD. It's your favorite lift. You know it coming and you're ready. You've already played it out in your head, the jumping, the excitement and all the compliments. You've worked your butt off and you deserve it. You are worthy. It's your TIME to PR. 

So you show up to the gym a little early to get really mobile and warm. Other athletes can even see it in your eyes, the focus, the intensity. Your Coach goes through the WOD explanation demo and now it's party time. Time to PR. Time to prove to yourself you can do this. 

And you don't. Nowhere close. Hinge and touching your face off (actually a$$ on haha), pigeon every night. You've been focusing on form first... What the HECK happened. You are so bummed out that doing the Metcon isn't something that even interests you. You actually would rather just leave the gym all together. Grab a pint of HD (Haagen-Dazs) and eat your PR sorrows away. I mean that's what it feels like right? Complete and udder let down. 100%. You have failed.... Right? 


Why does a PR always have to be related to weight when it comes to our lifts? Or total reps when it comes to pull ups or muscle ups. Whatever happened to doing CrossFit with grace and perfection? I happen to think that an athlete who has decided to step up their game, re-focus and really work on proper form first will have PR's happening all the time and they will get totally overlooked. 

-Driving your knees out while squatting below parallel ... PR. 
-Keeping a proper front rack during FRAN.... PR. 
-Looking straight - NOT looking up at the top of your pull up for the ENTIRE WOD... PR. 
-External rotation for the first time pushing out of your muscle up... PR.  

I could go on and on. 

2 Years Ago 

3 Months Ago

I happen to think someone who devotes their time and energy to really focusing on form will always overcome. It is just a matter of time. And a lot of time at that. The type of patience it takes is mind blowing. I can testify to that, as I am personally going through it myself. Ya yahhh so you didn't PR your back squat ..... I mean it might be even 100# less and a front squat at that .. But it's precise. And it's beautiful. It represents CrossFit the way it should be. YOU represent CrossFit the way it should be. The smallest things can be a PR ... Don't forget to remind yourself of that. Focus on why you started this sport we all love. 

Respect CrossFit. 
Be CrossFit. 
Be the CHANGE. 

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